Twitch Streaming Guide

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This will be geared toward PC users, but all information is relevant, those who want to stream via console(you need a pc to stream on console using OBS).

When you start streaming on Twitch there are a few things you should know.

  • Streaming at 1080p sure looks great but restricts and limits your audience as many can’t watch content with such intensive internets requirements.
  • Viewers can’t select which resolution to watch your streams at until you earn a “partnership/affiliate” with twitch. 
  • The sweet spot is streaming in 720p @ 60 Frames per second. If people complain of constant buffering reduce your settings to 720p @ 30fps. If they still have issues it’s on their end and not yours.

Minimum Requirement of PC:

Alright lets get to what hardware is recommended to stream. 

  1. Processor. Intel (Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devils Can. It’s the heart of a good streaming set up. Ensure you have a good CPU cooler to keep a lid on overheating your CPU, streaming will raise your temperatures significantly. 
  2.  RAM. Twitch prefers one is 8GB minimum here, 16GB of DDR4 ram is recommend (if your gaming and streaming on same pc) 
  3. Graphics Card – This isn’t majorly important for the stream per se, but improving the game graphical fidelity with good frames per second (FPS) will improve the quality of the footage for the viewer. If you streaming on a single pc setup GPU is highly recommended to take load off the cpu. Dual pc setup and good GPU isnt really needed.
  4. Internet Speed. If you want to stream it’s all about your upload speeds. Why? Because you’re uploading video to the internet, and not downloading video. That’s really important because OBS will ask you at what rate you want to upload the footage at and you need a solid upload speed to achieve this rate. I would say the minimum would be 5mbps and you can play with the bitrate and see what works with your stream. ( Click here for a quick guide to bitrate and resoultions)
  5. Monitors. I think it is essential to have at least 2 monitors. 1 for gaming on, the other for twitch chat, obs etc. You want to be able to monitor your computer & stream performances, while also talking to people in your chat on the stream.

A Microphone is Essential:

The Audio requirements for twitch are:

  • Codes: Preferred one is H.264 (x264)
  • Codec: AAC-LC. Mono or Stereo.
  • Suitable Bitrate: For maximum compatibility you need to follow a bitrate setting of 96Kbps.
  • Maximum supported or recommended Audio Bit Rate: 160 Kbps (AAC)
  • Sampling Frequency Setting: any (AAC)

If you are going to use a built in type microphone then it will naturally decay quality of your audio signal. Microphones that are built in to webcam or laptop stay far away from mouth of speaker and at the same time they also pick sound from keyboard and mouse clicks that appars annoying in final content. The professional streamers prefer to work with impressive audio quality as it helps them to stay connected with their audience. So it is good to buy good quality microphone for your streaming needs. (Click here to see guide on how to make your headset mic sound great)

HD Webcam Is A Must Have:


Although, a webcam is option for your Twitch Streaming needs but most of viewers would love to watch out your expressions when different adventurous things are happening on screen. Even if you are not a model, your live face in your streaming session will make big difference.

If you are ready to use webcam for your streaming hours then it is also important to follow few specifications to avail impressive content quality. Here you need to make a cost effective decision. It is important to know that the webcam details will cover very small portion on screen so it is not necessary to use a webcam with 1080p resolution level rather a 720p rating will be sufficient and it can ensure great quality.

Secondly, prefer to pick a webcam that possesses built in type encoder hardware because if your webcam content needs to use encoder from your computer then it will bring additional unwanted load on your system by sharing few resources and will result in little bit slower processing. So if you are buying a new one then prefer to pick right one as per your need.

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